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In respect to Home Office and Entry Clearance Applications this includes completing all forms and supplementary forms such Appendix forms associated with the respective application.

We start by taking initial instructions from you and then we go on to advise you based on your case.

In respect to our Immigration Applications are timescales range from 4-8 weeks to complete the application process. This depends on the level of complexity in the case.

Additionally, we have a premium service which is offered to client’s with their leave to remain expiring imminently. This is a tailored service which is usually completed within 24 hours.

Please Note: This timescale does not include the application processing times with the Home Office or Entry Clearance Officer.



As with in country and entry clearance appeals a limitation period is always set at 14, 28 or 90 days in some cases. As part of the service we ensure we lodge the appeal as soon as we take instructions from the appellant or claimant so as to ensure we lodged an in time appeal.

Please Note:

We are unable to determine when the Appellant/Claimant will receive a Notice of hearing as these timescales would solely depend on the Tribunal timescales and the availability of Court Staff at the tribunal to hear the case.