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Cost of Service

Fixed Costs:

The services listed below are fixed costs and these costs do not vary. This is a one off cost.


Service:                                                                   Price              


Entry Clearance Spouse                                         £1650.00


Entry Clearance of a Child - Settlement                 £1650


EU Settlement Application                                      £1500


Visitor’s Visa                                                           £1000


Student Visas                                                         £1650


Skilled Worker Visa                                                £1650


Naturalisation                                                        £1500


British Nationality Child Registration                     £1200


Returning Resident                                                £1500


No Time Limit                                                         £800

Leave to Remain – Parent Route                          £1650

ILR Tier 2 General                                                £1,500

 Dependants Of Tier 2 General Migrant               £1,500


Entry Clearance as Tier 2 Minister of Religion     £1,000.00


Switching Into Tier 2 Minister of Religion            £1,200.00


Sportsperson Visa                                               £1,200.00


Entry Clearance as Domestic Worker                  £1,200.00


Dependants Of Domestic Worker                         £1,200.00


Tier 5 Charity Workers Visa Extension                 £800.00


Charity Worker Visa                                             £800.00


Entry Clearance as Unmarried Partner                £1,500.00



Representation in the First Tier Immigration Tribunal and Upper Tribunal can range between £450.00 to £2000.00 depending on the complexity of the matter.  We instruct counsel in respect to advocacy in appeal matters which forms part of client disbursements.


Counsels fees may vary depending on the complexity of the appeal matters. Counsel’s fees may be subject to VAT at 20% where applicable.


Significantly, Court Fees and Tribunal Fees will be payable by the client and is not inclusive of  our service charges.


Appeals may attract other disbursement fees such as, Drafting skeleton arguments and Drafting Grounds of Appeal. Depending on the appeal in question. We will inform and discuss with you any such charges where applicable.


Miss Nelson, the Head of Practice supervises all Appeal work and ensures that the trainee solicitor and paralegals work from initiating the appeal grounds and submission of the appeal. Significantly, we work on the appeal preparation which involves document assessment.


Basis for Charges:


In respect to providing immigration services in the form of applications to the Home office and Entry clearance officers we charge for completion of application forms and making the necessary submission on behalf of our client in the form of a cover which will set out and detail the client’s case and any law applicable.


Miss Amy Abiana Nelson’s (Solicitor) current charge out rate is £220 per hour. The current charge out rate for our Paralegals is £100 per hour. I will let you know the charge out rates of any other individual members of the firm dealing with your case whenever you request. The charge out rates is exclusive of VAT.

Figures given to you for charge out rates of any individuals in the firm are of course subject to periodic review (for example to take into account inflation or any increase in the level of qualification or responsibility of any member of the firm dealing with the case).


Significantly, all our work is carried with the Supervision of Miss Amy Abiana Nelson. Our Trainee Solicitor and Paralegals are strictly supervised by Miss Nelson who in turn ensures that the work is of satisfactory standards before an application is submitted both to the Home Office and Entry Clearance Officer. 


Our charges are not contingent upon the result of your case. They are payable whether your application is successful or not or whether you ‘win or lose’ your appeal. You are primarily liable for the charges.



Fees for disbursements from a third-party business  or organisation will be borne by the client. Disbursements are not inclusive of our service charges.  Please find below a list of disbursements which may be incurred which may vary on case by case basis.

Home Office Fees

Visa Applications Fees. Please see Home Office fees which sets out the Current published Home Office Fees.


Biometric Enrolment Fees

Translation Certificates

DNA Test Reports

Document Scanning Services

Barristers Fees

Social Workers Fees


The following disbursements usually attract a 20% VAT charge. However, we will always inform you if VAT costs are applicable to any particular disbursement.


Disbursements may have applicable VAT Costs or may be exclusive of VAT this may vary and will depend on the company which are offering the service.


Information about the cost of any likely disbursements


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as visa fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.


As within the area of immigration we often deal with clients of different nationalities. We often instruct translators to translate foreign documents into English. The Cost of such translation services vary depending on the length of document and the word count. This is therefore not a fixed cost. The document is sent to translators and they send a quote based on the word count. This quote will be communicated with the client to agree the cost involved. This may attract a 20% VAT Cost.

Independent expert reports e.g. medical experts. These are not required in many cases: we will let you know as soon as possible if we consider an expert report is necessary. There may be VAT costs associated with independent expert reports at a rate of 20%

If there is an interview and we do attend with you, there will be additional disbursements in respect of our mileage/travel expenses. This will vary depending on the distance involved for example an Interviewer in Liverpool would be considered a long distance from our office and east in London. The cost of travel to the interview will be borne by the client. VAT costs at 20% may be applicable.

DNA Testing is a cost which is not inclusive of our fees and this is often a fixed cost. The cost is usually dependent on how many individuals are being tested and where and how the DNA samples are to be collected. DNA Testing is subject to 20% VAT.


We are VAT Registered. Our VAT Registration Number is 4867199234.


Value added tax (VAT) has to be added to our fees and all disbursements. This applies if your usual place of residence is the UK, including if you had leave to remain in the UK but overstayed. If you are not resident in the UK, or you entered the country without permission or as an asylum seeker and do not yet have leave to remain, you are not normally liable to pay VAT. Where applicable charge VAT at 20% where VAT is applicable.  `

Services that might reasonably be expected to be included in the price but are not:


Services that are exclusive of our own charges are as follows; Counsels, Court Fees, Home Office Fees, Visa and Biometric enrolment fees. These are services which may be where applicable connected to the work to be carried out on your behalf however, this would attract a separate fee as we would be instructing the organisation or business to carry out work on your behalf.

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