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When your legal issue has got to the point of a judicial review or an appeal, you need an experience firm of solicitors in your corner, ensuring that your case is presented properly. Abinelle Solicitors in London offer expert legal services in such situations. Please call us today to arrange an appointment where we can discuss your case and begin preparing your representation.


Judicial reviews

If a public body has acted in a way that you believe is not lawful, a judicial review can be applied for to challenge the legality of the action. You can challenge the decision or action on grounds of irrationality, illegality or procedural unfairness. A judicial review will decide whether the body in question has acted correctly or not. Abinelle Solicitors can guide you through this process, representing you and presenting a detailed and logical argument to challenge the action. 



If a court has decided against you, you have the right to appeal the verdict if there are appropriate legal grounds to do so. When appealing a decision, it is vital to ensure that your case is made properly by an experienced and expert solicitor, and that's where Abinelle Solicitors come in. We will make your case properly, giving you the best possible chance of a successful appeal. Call us today to discuss your situation and we will do what we can to help.

Judicial reviews and appeals